Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Configure McAfee ePO alerting on failed Master Repository updates

First configure an email server:

1. Go to Menu > Configuration > Server Settings > Email Server
2. Specify email server, the port and a from email address and save it. Test the configuration.

Then configure alerting:

3. Go to Menu > Automation > Automatic Responses and create a new response called ‘Master Repository Update failed’ (the response should already be there)
4. Set the following:
Event group: ePO Notification Events
Event type: Server
Status: Enabled and click Next

5. Under ‘Available Properties’ click on Event ID, select Equals and type in 16003 or select Event Description, Equals and ‘Master Repository Update failed’ and click Next

6. Select ‘Trigger this response for every event’ and put a check mark for ‘At most, trigger response once every (day) and click Next

7. In the drop down menu select Send Email, add the recipients, set:

Importance: High
Subject: "Master Repository Update failed" events received

ePolicy Orchestrator Notification
Response Name: {responseRuleName}
Event Type Name: {responseEventType}
Description: Sends an e-mail notification when "Master Repository Update failed" events are received.

Event Description: {eventDesc}
Source Computers: {sourceComputers}

8. Click Next and Save

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